Things to do in Edmonton

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Edmonton in Canada is a beautiful tourist destination. It is a perfect blend of history, culture, art, and adventure. From open-air museums like Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village and Fort Edmonton Park to art galleries like the Art Gallery of Alberta, the place has a lot to offer

Edmonton in Canada is a beautiful tourist destination. It is a perfect blend of history, culture, art, and adventure. From open-air museums like Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village and Fort Edmonton Park to art galleries like the Art Gallery of Alberta, the place has a lot to offer. This is why we have prepared a list of some of the best tourist sites to visit in Edmonton. Also, we recommend you make all your reservations with Spirit Airlines Español in advance to save some time and focus on all the fun this city has in store for you. 

Shop at West Edmonton Mall

Who does loves to shop on vacation from a completely different city or country? Well, if you are in Edmonton, visit the biggest mall in the country and have fun and shop from many stores. People visit the West Edmonton Mall just to take a look at it. If you are on vacation with your kids, they will love it here. There are various games for them to play while you pick up those perfect dresses and shoes. Many amusement parks in the Galaxyland have amazing rides and many visitors enjoy the World Waterpark. 

Explore Royal Alberta Museum

The largest museum in Western Canada, Royal Alberta Museum, is the perfect blend of the natural and cultural history of the country. You will find many exhibits from the Ice era and a huge collection of dinosaur fossils. There is a huge range of exotic insects, sea creatures, and other wildlife. Inside the museum, they organize exhibits for adults as well as for kids. They even have a separate nursery and a big room with live invertebrates. 

Enjoy Nature at Elk Island National Park Beaver Hills

If you are a nature lover, then you must take a visit to the Elk Island National Park and Beaver Hills located on the outers of Edmonton. You get to see here all variety of wildlife, including elks, deers, moose, and beaver. The highlight of the national park is the huge herd of Bison that wander in the green enclosed area, closely visible to the visitors. You can also enjoy biking, hiking, and other fun, adventurous activities around the park and the way up here. 

The Beaver Hills is a bird sanctuary and a wilderness center. People come here to see some of the very few Beaver buffalos preserved here. 

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village is an open museum. The place is home to many immigrants, and you can easily catch a glimpse of the Ukrainian church from here. There are many historical places to explore when you visit the village. The blacksmith market, very old-general store, and many such sites attract tourists. You can take a guided tour to know about the area more and hear stories you wouldn’t get to know otherwise. 

Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton Park is another tourist attraction that tourists like to visit. This open-air museum has many buildings with different ranges of collectibles. The Hudson’s Bay Company owns the fort itself. You and your family can come here and hop on a horse and take a horseback ride or enjoy a steam train ride around the museum. You can also ride to the John Janzen Nature Center nearby to see geology and ecology exhibits. 

Muttart Conservatory

This gorgeous conservatory formed in the shape of the pyramid is located on the North Saskatchewan River. These four pyramids represent a different variety of biomes from every corner of the world. You will get a closer look at the plants and other conserved types of flora. The shadow of hse glass pyramids falls upon the waters and makes it look mesmerizing from a distance. 

Alberta Legislature Building

The 1913 Legislature building will give you the view of the city from a completely different angle. Locals love to call it by the name “The Ledge.'' You can tag along with a group of guided tours to learn about the history of the architecture and many secrets that the building holds. There are many exhibits and displays of the local art, history, and culture in the Legislature Assembly Visitor Center located nearby. 

Art Gallery of Alberta

This beautifully designed piece of architecture is located on Sir Winston Churchill Square. It was set up to dedicate the building to the visual arts and their artworks. The gallery has a collection of around 6,000 changing yet maintained collections of art pieces. You will also find a gift shop, cafes, restaurants, and theatres inside the building. Along with that, also take one of their many educational programs, including workshops and lectures from the experts. 

K Days

The annual biggest festival of Edmonton is the K days. This goes on for ten long days, and the place comes to life. To experience this festival, you must visit the city at the end of July. Locals organize live performances, parades, parties, gold panning, and much more so that people of all ages can have the best of their time. We recommend you book your tickets to the festival in advance to get easy accommodation. 

TELUS World of Science

If you are into science, then visit the TELUS World of Science in Edmonton. This museum attracts not only adults but kids as well. You will find many interactive fun activities inside the building, and various exhibits showcase displays of robots, forensics, space, and technology. Just along with the building are the Margaret Zeidler Star theatre and IMAX theater. In addition to that, you can also take the on-site observatory giving you the best star-gazing experience of all time. You can also grab a coffee and some freshly baked goods from the cafe nearby and also buy souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones. 

Edmonton is a beautiful city in Canada where people from all around the world come and spend vacations with their families. It is a place to take a solo trip and also come along with your family and friends. If you are planning your visit to this city, make sure you check out American Airlines EspañolThey make sure that their passengers get comfortable flights and have the best vacation.


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